4 stages

Data is everywhere. All stakeholders of an organisation, from employees, machines, to customers generate some data, at all points in time. The big question for decision makers, such as yourself, is how to harness this data; how to collect it, collate it, analyse it and put it to use for better decision making.This surplus of data in your organisation, both legacy and real time, can be mined for maximum value, with the right tools and advice.Data analytics, with its potent mix of mathematics, statistics, programming and business consulting, is key to making that journey from data to decisions.

This journey is what we call the evolution through 4 stages of data maturity.

Data is

Modern organisations, even in normal operations, generate vast amounts of data....

Data Moves Through the Organisation

This is where your organisation captures data in a transactional system, i.e.a field ...

Data Analysed for Informed Decisions

This is focussed on using mathematical and scientific expertise to unlock patterns and relationships

Data Used for Automated Decision Making

This is when your organisation has reached a level of high quality data management.

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