RPA – a force multiplier

Knowledge is the most powerful weapon in any organisation’s arsenal. The company which harnesses the collective wisdom of its people, is the company which makes its mark and creates lasting impact. The simplest way of allowing the company’s people to apply their wisdom, is to free them from mundane and grunt-work as much as possible.

This principle is the genesis of Omnisys Solutions. Our goal is to help organisations leverage their inherent knowledge, and to empower the entire organisation in bringing their expertise to bear. Our engagements, executed around the 4-stage Data Analysis Maturity Model have helped organisations realise benefits in several multiples of the investments made.

Even in our short journey so far, it is evident that the biggest challenge facing companies is that the data required to form the complete picture is never in one place. Even in organisations where stable ERP environments capture 90% of relevant data, it’s the last 10% which trips them over in studying the entire story. A consolidated view is either non-existent, done manually (does slow), or through complex application to application integrations.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a powerful alternative to back-end application integrations. Not only is it flexible enough to move data from any one software to another, it does so without disrupting the existing application landscape. As a result, it unlocks a huge opportunity of getting all snippets of data into a common structure to allow timely decision-making.

The largest impact of RPA however, is in unlocking the human potential in the organisation. By virtue of automating mundane operational tasks, and eliminating a large part of the drudgery in an employee’s daily routine, RPA effectively allows the same individual to deliver much higher throughput. And by not being numbed by mechanical data entry, the employee can now apply their expertise in improving the performance of their tasks even more.

At the close, we at Omnisys would like to open our doors to the RPA practice now live in our organisation. RPA today has the potential to raise the decision making calibre of entire organisations, without having to tear down existing IT applications.

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