RPA – Comparing UiPath, Automation Anywhere & BluePrism

Technology continues to transform our society at breakneck speed. Today, more and more businesses are leaning towards the emerging technology practice called robotic process automation (RPA).

Robotic software and tools are successfully able to mimic human activity and conduct repetitive tasks with speed and without human errors. With the tedious manual duties out of the way, the corporate and retail workers are now focusing on work of higher value.

The researchers at Hadoop estimated that by 2025, companies will save $5 trillion to $7 trillion with the utilization of robotic automation process software. The wheels are already set in motion, and it is only a matter of time when every industry will be deploying bots and automate everyday tasks.

Let’s evaluate three of the most popular RPA software tools that have become more prevalent among businesses of all types and sizes.


UiPath is one of the market leading robotic process automation tool today, for both businesses and IT, from the software company by the same name.  This advanced automation tool has changed the face of banking, insurance, healthcare, retail, and various other sectors by tapping into the diverse skillset, which before now, was only provided by manpower.

More than 700 big and small global enterprises have deployed a robotic workforce with UiPath in their back-office and front-office operations, and subsequently experienced a boost in their productivity and higher customer satisfaction.

What Can It Do

  • UiPath can automate any number of operations irrespective of their complexity
  • UiPath automates all types of desktop and web applications
  • This RPA software automates much faster with its point and click-drag & drop function
  • UiPath robot software executes large batches of scheduled tasks without commands and human intervention
  • It can also perform attended tasks by taking direct command
  • UiPath perform nearly ten times faster when paired with processes such as Citrix, SAP, and Mainframe


  • UiPath does not need any specialized programming skills to run
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Feature-rich


  • Coding functionality is limited

Automation Anywhere

Where UiPath is the most popular, Automation Anywhere is one of the largest vendors of robotic process automation software. They are also the forerunners of the intelligent digital workforce.

Automation Anywhere has all the core capabilities, and the reason it stands out is that it successfully mingles conventional RPA with intellectual functions, such as following commands with its language understanding and reading unstructured data without any human help.

Automation Anywhere software’s intelligence has made it possible for the businesses to reduce their 20-step work process into a single click or keystroke. In addition to time-saving, it is also cost saving especially for medium-sized businesses.

Automation Anywhere software provides three different kinds of bots, namely; task bots, meta bots, and IQ bots.

Task bots are primarily responsible for carrying out strict rule-based, repetitive tasks such as documentation, payroll management, claim management, IT services etc.

Meta bots automatically update and makes the required changes when there is a change in the application it is working on. It requires minimum human intervention to ensure that the bots are in tune with the apps.

IQ bot is one of the advanced bots that utilizes artificial intelligence to learn and perform tasks on its own.

More than 1600 of the world’s most prominent enterprises deploy 1,000,000+ bots on Automation Anywhere software to automate their business operations.

What Can It Do

  • Runs scheduled tasks powerfully without any human input, and even when the computer is locked
  • Automates complicated tasks easily with single, as well as multiple machines
  • Integrates systems effortlessly across departments, divisions, and enterprises
  • Maintains a centralized control room for resources, backup, and security
  • Intelligence automation
  • Is suitable for both, front-end function and back-end functions
  • Provides high data security of bank-grade


  • User friendly


  • IQ bot is underdeveloped

Blue Prism

Introduced to the world in the year 2001, Blue Prism is the pioneer in the RPA space. It basically invented the term RPA.

The digital workforce of Blue Prism is capable of self-learning and connects technologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to allow businesses to develop advanced digital business strategies.

In simpler words, Blue Prism provides a virtual workforce that is powered by software robots. This takes away the burden from human workforce. When billions of transactions are taken care of by Blue Prism, the employees get a chance to put millions of hours of their work back into the business.

What Can It Do

  • Secure and accurate
  • Provides Cloud support
  • Provides a workforce that works 24/7
  • Can be used on any platform and for any application
  • Understands more than one language such as Japanese making it easier for workers of all nationalities
  • Flexible infrastructure choices as it works both, on-premise and off-premise
  • Automates tasks and functions script-less
  • Disperse tasks across various computers


  • Easy implementation within 4 to 6 weeks
  • Rapid and prompt execution of tasks


  • Requires developers with basic programming skills
  • Expensive


RPA is not replacing humans, but putting them to tasks more worthy of their intellect and cognitive ability.

Businesses that have deployed bots into their work processes are saving time. Robots perform functions in much less time than humans, increasing the number of tasks in general. Customer satisfaction is an all-time high because the errors are none, customer service is faster, and available 24/7. With RPA, businesses are enjoying a higher return on investment with less hiring, and less monetary benefits to give out. RPA is more than just a product; it is the starting point of the digital era that has already begun.

Let us conclude with the caveat that RPA will soon become an inevitability. Any businesses that will delay the automation of their processes will end up falling far behind.


Omnisys Solutions has a well-developed practice in RPA, which supports both data analytics initiatives as well as carry out automation driven initiatives. With a focus on business value, Omnisys leverages RPA to deliver tangible dollar benefits to its customers.

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