Service Offerings

Desk Research Services

  • Data Validation: We not only help you gather data but also verify its usefulness and authenticity with in-depth analysis
  • Data Augmentation: We run data through various statistical models to provide the right actionable insights even with limited data.
  • Lead Generation: With the correct Data, you know whom to select. Get a multi-fold expansion in leads and alteration without wasting any reserves.
  • Sales Support: We are regularly attendant, providing day-and-night assistance.
  • Company Profiling: We get you all the data that is possible in print reports and on the web to know the ins and outs of a potential association.
  • Industry Profiling: Our anticipating analysis will help you gauge the capability in the business, both short and long term.
  • Investment Research for PEs and VCs: Alter Solutions supports global Private Equity and Venture Capital firms across the investment life-cycle from source through scan the deals, and market and strategy research for devising growth strategies. Our analyzed services are targeted towards offering significant business benefits, including developing the deal flows, correct and appropriate due diligence, growing portfolio companies, and increasing the ROI.
  • Industries we cater to: Our display of world wide clients include :
    • Leading investment and commercial banks
    • Research and Consulting firms
    • Private equity firms and hedge funds
    • Information providers
    • Marketing service providers.

Back Office Support

We Manage and Optimize Business Processes.
We streamline your back-office operations, so you can focus on settle at the front and center with your customers.

Let us be your next Preferred work Associate

The non-customer facing transaction processing for any management back-office assistance is fundamental to exceptional customer experience. That is why it is important to run your back-office operations carefully. As we know, what happens at the back end always powers the achievement of customer-facing interactions.

Our smart solutions are a perfect fusion of rules-based processing and human interference to achieve world-class research, decision-making, and completion.

  • Back office expertise across all corporation
  • Benefits administration, Contentment Management, Accord, and Agreement processing
  • Values-based culture raises committed accomplice and process modernization

What we offer ?

From data enhancement and management to customer analytics, quality assurance analyze and customer research, our back-office team covers all bases.

  • Data enhancement and management
  • Return mail and accord
  • ambitious and pricing appraisal
  • Capacity planning and manpower management
  • Enrollment and talent acquisition support
  • Client Analytics
  • contentment Moderation
  • Customer exploration
  • Quality affirmation auditing

Data Entry in RPA

Data entry automation is a smart way to administer your business content. If you’re allocate too much time or revenue on manual data entry, software can handle the constant work for you. You’ll need to allot fewer resources to document processing and administration and exclude errors as a result.


The Need for Automated Data Entry

Data entry can be a time-consuming and endless process in many offices, obtaining hours of time that could be spent operating other important tasks. Data entry is crucial across a wide range of industries, ranging from healthcare to finance to government agencies. Common regulated documents include insurance forms, questionnaires, bank checks, and invoices. In order to control well-organized and authentic records, most work and organizations must update their databases repeatedly with information from incoming forms and documents.

Fortunately, current technological developments have permitted offices to turn away from manual data entry and apply the process automatically, using leading software that withdraw content from scanned forms and documents.Optical Character Recognition, is able to recognize text within scanned files and enter it into appropriate databases. This technology saves many office hours of time as well as endless human errors. When a form is scanned into the computer, it is originally seen as an image file, since the computer is unable to differentiate text characters from other images. However, with the help of Optical Character Recognition software, text can be extracted from the document. As a result, the document becomes text-searchable and reachable to work with, and the information can be entered into a spreadsheet automatically.