Stage 02: Data Moves Through the Organisation

Stage 02: Data Moves Through the Organisation

Stage 02 is where your organisation captures data in a transactional system, i.e. a field based tool. You capture data points and formats uniformly across different locations of your organisation and across the lifecycle of a process. At this stage, we can use different queries to generate primary insights from the data.

For example, you record candidate details across the stages of interview, selection, offer and joining. We can use queries to find out the average turn-around-time from candidate interview to final offer.

A typical stage 02 scenario: A large logistics company based in the Middle East had a transaction based system to capture procurement data uniformly across locations. However, the procurement was controlled locally. Once the data logged in the system started getting used to generate insights, giving local and global visibility on all procurement activities, the organisational profits could be overhauled.

At this stage, you can generate insights about individual parameters and functions. However, analysing multi-variable quantities or the performance of one area in relation to the other, is not possible. For example, you can analyse the performance of the quality function. However, analysing the quality function in relation to variables of the procurement function may not be possible, as those require a higher level of analytics.

To mature to the next level, advanced statistical tools will need to deployed.

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