Stage 04: Data Used for Automated Decision Making

Stage 04: Data Used for Automated Decision Making

Stage 04 is when your organisation has reached a level of high quality data management. Here the system can assist you in regular operational decisions, and flag the exceptions for your review and approval.

This enables you and your team of managers to focus solely on decisions of higher criticality. It also creates space to implement improvements, prepare for exigencies and focus on aspects that have the biggest impact on your business outcomes.

A typical stage 04 scenario: A pan-India transport company had developed parameters for most efficient routes and driver allocation, with their advanced analytics. However, the allocations had to be reviewed and approved by hub managers. This amounted to hundreds of approvals every week. However, most decisions required a sign-off purely for the reason of introducing a level of check, if all the parameters had been met. It did not involve decisions requiring the skills of the hub manager. 

The company decided to use the available insights to develop algorithms by which the system could check these parameters, and auto-approve, flagging only the exceptions. This allowed the hub managers greater bandwidth to implement efficiency projects, evaluate new routes, etc, leading to greater profitability for the organisation. 

This is the highest level of data maturity, where leaders can focus on the most critical business areas that require their attention the most.

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